The brazier (a pan that holds burning coals) refers to the Virgin Mary where the fire of God was placed in her womb without being burned and He revealed to the world as fine perfume that dispelled the smell of sin, and gave the souls the opportunity to smell life and the scent of holiness and the goodness of heaven. (Revelation 3:8)The dome: symbolizes heaven.



  1. The hook: symbolizes God
  2. The dome: symbolizes heaven
  3. The middle chain: symbolizes Christ’s concession and
    his descent to earth to become a man
  4. The bells: symbolize the angels
  5. The three (outer) chains symbolize the holy trinity
  6. The dome: symbolizes heaven
  7. The cavity where the fiery embers are placed symbolizes
    the Virgin’s womb that carried God and did not burn
  • The incense: symbolizes the pure prayers ascending to heaven.
  • The deacon that carries the Brazier: symbolizes the angel Gabriel.
  • The path of the deacon who carries the brazier from East to West: symbolizes Christ’s life on earth and His return to heaven.
  • The ember: symbolizes God’s ember “because our God is a raging fire.” (Hebrews 11:29)
  • The coal: symbolizes the body which is our human nature, the humanity of Christ.
  • Igniting the coal with fire: symbolizes the complete unity of humanity with divinity in one body since “He made Him one with His divinity without being mixed, blended or changed.”


“Only rarely does the liturgical Tradition call for kneeling: for example, on great Friday, at the Great Metany; on Pentecost, for the Kneeling Ritual. Maronites do not kneel for the Words of Institution. The general idea is that we stand in readiness for the Second Coming of the Lord, and since that is unknown, we need to be ready at all times. Thus, kneelers are not appropriate in Maronite churches.”

Captivated By Your Teachings       Anthony J. Salim