Mysteries of Christian Initiation (Sacraments)


The first and basic Mystery of Christian initiation. This is done by pouring water on the recipient’s head while reciting “The servant of God (name) is baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son,and of the Holy Spirit.”

2. Chrismation (Confirmation)

Is received at baptism. The priest anoints the child with holy Myron or chrism. This confirms and strengthens baptismal grace. This is only received once.

3. Holy Eucharist

This is where a Catholic receives the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ that has been concentrated by the Priest.

Mysteries of Healing

4. Reconciliation (Penance)

This Mystery is where a person confesses his sins to a Priest.  It involves four elements: 1.Contrition   Confession   3.  Absolution   4.  Penance

5. Anointing of the Sick

This Mystery is where a Priest anoints the sick with oil blessed specifically for this purpose. A new illness or a worsening of health enables a person to receive the sacrament one more time.

Mysteries of Vocation

6. Holy Orders

This is the Mystery by which man is made a Bishop, a Priest or a Deacon and thus dedicated to be an image of Christ.

7. Holy Crowning (Matrimony)

A marriage between baptized people, validly entered into and consummated, cannot be dissolved. The Mystery confers on them the grace they need for attaining holiness in their married life and for responsible acceptance and upbringing of their children.

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